Copper Shingles 

Supreme Performance from Copper Shingles


When it comes to roofing in Toronto and the GTA, many people can become overwhelmed by the amount of options available to them. However, the benefits of using copper shingles overrule other roofing materials for a number of reasons. The quality of copper is supreme in comparison to other materials such as asphalt. While some people may opt for cheaper materials, the reasons behind using copper make the extra investment well worth the price.


Copper shingles last years longer then any other material, can withstand the elements with ease, and reduce future costs that would have gone towards repairs and replacement. Copper can even reduce your cooling costs in the summer as it reflects light, rather then absorbs heat. 

Performance, Ease and Durability


Copper is a strong, high performance material that is resistant to the wear of the Canadian climate. Copper withstands corrosion and rust when faced with heavy rains (including toxic rain), snowfalls, wind and intense heat. Also, it is fire-resistant, thus protecting your safety and your wallet.


Copper shingles and roofing also last up to 100 years before needing to be replaced. Materials such as asphalt are prone to damage and can last only 20 to 30 years. Copper Works Canada provides long-lasting and high performance copper shingles that can endure both weather and time. 

 The durability of copper shingles means that there is no need to spend money on roof repairs down the line. This increases the overall value. In addition, the use of copper shingles can reduce your labor costs, as copper is a very lightweight material. Therefore, they only need to be placed over existing roofing materials. This eliminates time and money that would have gone towards demolition.

 Sheen To Green


Copper shingles start out a shiny bronze-like hue and quickly mature to a beautiful green patina. This enables your building to make a respectable and dignified statement. In addition, copper shingles are a more environmentally friendly option. Copper is a sustainable material and up to 55% of all copper used in building materials is recycled.  Also, because copper shingles can be placed over previous roofing, non-biodegradable roofing materials will be kept out of landfills. Therefore, by selecting Copper Works Canada, you have the additional benefit of being earth-conscious.


Copper Works Canada supplies Toronto and the GTA with the best copper shingles and can help you with your roofing needs. Reach us at 905-831-6434

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